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About Us

Mission Statement:

sitesNsolutions.com exists to help decorative surfacing companies enhance their competitive position within the marketplace. We do that through educating our customers and by putting the latest and most effective marketing tools at their disposal. We believe in looking below the surface in every situation to find lasting solutions, not temporary fixes.


Our Marketing Solutions for the decorative surfacing industry are specifically tailored to address the requirements of your type of business. With three decades in the industry, we know your challenges and opportunities – and the companies you buy from. We have experience helping surfacing professionals use their limited resources to market to the residential market, to wholesalers, dealers, contractors and to each other. Many of our clients come to us because we know the industry and we speak their language.

Whether you are looking to create a new website, optimize the one you have for the search engines (SEO), or create a comprehensive Marketing Plan, we have the experience and expertise to help you accomplish your objectives effectively and efficiently. We provide an analysis of your current marketing solutions and compare them to your overall plan. We then offer suggestions on how you can enhance your competitive position.


Russ Lee, president, has 30+ years experience in decorative surfacing. A fabricator at heart (12 years experience as a fab shop owner/operator), Russ also has experience in color development, mold design and production manufacturing of solid surface at the factory level. He served as editor of SolidSurface magazine for six years and as executive director of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) for three years. He also served as vice president/surfacing at Fry Communications for two years.

Randy Richards, national accounts manager, has 30+ years experience as an account executive in the aviation fuel industry. His understanding of relationship selling and project management, combined with an intense attention to detail make him well-suited to assisting decorative surfacing professionals in finding effective and affordable marketing solutions for their businesses.

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