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Manufacturers & Suppliers to the Industry

• Value Chain Liaison

In a retail environment, the fabricator and cabinetmaker are the final point of contact with the end-user – and they can have considerable influence on choices of product and brand. As a manufacturer, you can leverage our extensive knowledge of the industry, as well as our contacts and relationships, to establish credibility with fabricators and woodworkers.

• Market Research

How well is your product story understood by the people who convert it into countertops and cabinets? Do they really understand its features and benefits? What barriers exist for this important group to embrace your products and services? We can find out.

• Training Programs

Because of our experience as fabricators and woodworkers, we know the mechanics of how things go together to create a finished product. We invite you to use our experience as hands-on craftsmen AND as program developers at the trade association level to create training programs that are relevant and efficient.

• Sales Aids

We specialize in creating Sales Aids for the Social Media environment. These include product demonstration videos, customer testimonials, and online events. Not only is electronic marketing more cost effective, it is timely. Plus, because everything online must be short in duration, it forces you to condense your message into the most essential elements. Let us design an online program that talks directly to the fabricator and woodworker.

Fabricators and Woodworkers

• Operations Consultant

Russ Lee is in the unique position of having owned fabrication shops, worked at the manufacturer level, traveled the world as editor of the industry magazine and worked directly with fabricators and woodworkers as executive director of an industry trade association. He has visited shops all across North America and has seen what works and what doesn’t. Whatever your challenge, if he doesn’t know the answer immediately, he knows where to go and whom to ask to find out. He is your resource to a more efficient operation.

• Market Positioning

Fabricators and Woodworkers are becoming ever more sophisticated at the operational level. Additionally, many of you have a good understanding of the importance of brand and do a very good job of establishing your position in the marketplace. The challenge of today’s virtual environment is (1) knowing what online resources to access and (2) understanding how to implement them your advantage. We know how to get you noticed – cost effectively. Plus, we will train you how to maintain an online marketing program yourself as we create the structure for success.

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