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Adding A Page is Easy as 1 2 3

adding a page is easy as 1 2 3


Adding a new page to your website is as easy as 1-2-3!
Here are the steps to follow:
  • In your WordPres Dashboard click on Pages > Add New.
  • When the Edit Page screen appears, name your new page.
  • Add your content (there’s even a MS Word “Cut and Paste” feature).
  • Insert photo(s).
  • Optimize for the search engines by entering keyword and meta tag information.
  • Click Update.
  • View your new page and make any needed adjustments.

That’s it!


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If you know how to work in MS Word, you can manage your WordPress website designed by, without having to use a web developer. It’s quick and easy and can be done from anywhere in the world you have access to the Internet. Isn’t it about time someone made the Internet easy to use?